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Puzzle 2 by Boaz
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Boaz made a very impressive debut here at the end of 2008, and he's back with another fine puzzle. There is some incredibly elegant clue writing here;  13 across and 15 across are particularly good examples of this.


Where to find Anaconda and Piranha? (6)
4 Song and dance man talented and very sweet (8)
9 Sort of cool off (2,1,3)
10 A Roman way to rule second some high fliers (8)
12 Fail to score in a maiden (4)
13 Walk into a race where the riders remain hidden? (5,5)
15 Finished what they may have done to 3rd June, 1944? (6,2,1,3)
18 Dressing cost causes a criminal to hold firm (7,5)
21 They come in at 9, 10 and 11, listen, and read novel (10)
22 Not a course for Colin Montgomerie? (4)
24 Peacekeepers with nothing to write journalist is still not released (8)
25 Kudos for cracking Countdown's third numbers game (6)
26 Sober mates returned to hotel, and it all gets a bit messy (8)
27 Book stall (6)

Unreasonable American pinched one of the merry men (1,3,4)
2 Where to buy a mother some water (5,3)
3 It's alright love, Peter's next (4)
5 Putting nasty Mike in nursery is a bit rash (5-3-4)
6 Once again, judge to win acclaim (10)
7 What follows a walk around independent film (1-5)
8 Queen took the last letter  it's fake (6)
11 Ladies dream about sex initially, and use this to enjoy virtual intercourse (1-4,7)
14 Seas seemed to rock and roll one may be found on it? (6,4)
16 Zippy taking drugs, and is soon drunk (5,3)
17 Boobed financially? (4,4)
19 Walks the plank on the Sabbath? (6)
20 Drink, and be healthy in New Zealand (3-3)
23 Sound content and turn up with a Rolls Royce (4)

Solution to Puzzle 2 by Boaz