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Twelve answers are of a kind and are not further defined in their clues.

Thinks carefully about dropping price (7)
5 A battle thatís endless (7)
9 Leaves Czech region, bypassing motorway (5)
10 Female singer cut a figure, having raised floor (9)
11 Alexanderís given German rowing team a boat (4,5)
12 Britain features in German article (5)
13 Court takes first of strict measures (5)
15 Trash can upset brittle Tony (6,3)
18 Some words encapsulating oneís feeling (9)
19 Extremely inclined to walk, having extra energy? (5)
21 Left wearing retro fashion (5)
23 Heartless stalker is about to heave a brick (9)
25 Drives off in a Tesla, heading for Edinburgh possibly (9)
26 Picture your setter imbibing nothing before six! (5)
27 Perhaps Rodin exhibitionís opening after a month (7)
28 It stops recluse returning for vitamin (7)

Get out of coach extremely swiftly (7)
2 Opera thatís long, involved with Rhine (9)
3 Old governor entertains a daughter thatís bright (5)
4 Half section of large intestine; name for this (9)
5 Business centre in Cape Town (5)
6 Look again at a boring bloody garment (9)
7 Knock back first of Drambuies with ice (5)
8 No German turned up outside university (7)
14 Prison gangs will create sensations (9)
16 Difference between advisor and adviser? One will speculate (9)
17 Vegetable is put on hot stove (9)
18 A version of namaste (7)
20 Endlessly clean small room (7)
22 The first Hanoverian monarch, say (5)
23 Some take it askance to be shown up (5)
24 Seduce casual worker over time (5)