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Crossword 85
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1 Resort best in area? Could be this one (7)
5 Writer daily eats quiche – that’s oddly ignored (7)
9 Board needs agreement from Paris and Berlin (5)
10 Chap carrying gas around wants small units weighing very little (9)
11 Largely unpleasant fool reflected about Juliet capturing heart of Klaus Kinski? (9)
12 Tennis player needs time, not day of birth (5)
13 Country air Joan Baez played when not old (10)
14 Conclusions from Torquemada? Burn at the stake! (4)
16 Prince needs a drink on return (4)
18 A biologist, he’s barely seen outside Alabama (10)
23 Assassin in Japan? That covers it (5)
24 Isn’t a rogue brought before head for objectionable behaviour? (9)
26 Awful bull about Jack needing a month first to acquire capital (9)
27 Unsophisticated section of church retains independence (5)
28 Holds dancing lesson around November (7)
29 He is one European permitted to entertain soldiers (7)

1 A crop producing fruit (5)
2 French art seen in well-trodden Italian city (7)
3 Childish creatures from Latin America tucked into rum babas (3-5)
4 Brought up matters involving new member of religious sect (7)
5 Composition about the ending of Haydn “Farewell” (7)
6 Anecdotes about liquor leading to illness (6)
7 Discipline shown by children when beaten? Not half! (7)
8 Hardy’s touching story set in evil time (9)
13 Associate in Ireland developed new stimulant (9)
15 Money goes around at one card game (8)
17 Joan wants a bedcover mostly portraying narcissus (7)
19 Regular publications from university breaking records (7)
20 Outshine riding coach (7)
21 Make list of enmities, missing name out (7)
22 Husband on the whole loves to raise an outcry (6)
25 Dictator’s dispatched a bouquet (5)

Solution to Crossword 85