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Method: Solve the clues and fit them where they will go.

A Accustom vacuous aristocrat to cask ale at last (6)  
B Foul and abusive language from son involved in invoicing scandal? (12)
C Confectionery, or its coating? (5)
D Almost decrepit crook imports heroin and crack (8)
E Involve unmarried gentleman in trouble (8)
F Film music (8)
G Light plane oddly lost around Germany, following this course when landing maybe (5,4)
H Doctor may make one use local hospital when sick (5,4)
I  I will say it – I am worried that’s not allowed (12)
J Chap drops in with note? Exactly! (4,2)
K One wailing is relatively piercing (6)
L They can read stories about three times (9)
M Australian swimmer reverses order of course round island (8)
N One who's green wants polythene left out for recycling (8)
O Old boy needs attendant to be attentive (9)
P Cross correspondence? (6,6)
Q Recoils – not half! – having to learn a bit of verse (8); Monarch’s heart going out to children? Cool! (6)
R Lustful fellow is overcome by resistance (5)
S Aunt in Madrid wearing fur is capable of being gratified (8)
T Subject to horribly exhausting mental exercises, for starters (5); Lecturer tucked into Oriental and Indian food (5)
U Woman alone acquires a quantity of money in a modest fashion (12)
V See things happening when taking a holiday (8)
W Showy stanzas found in Auden? The opposite (6)
X South African tribe’s unknown to Shona, surprisingly (6)
Y Too wise, we hear, to accept point that’s insubstantial (6)
Z Buddhist doctrine – it’s hard and it’s above one’s head (6)

Solution to Crossword 63