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Puzzle by Xenos

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This puzzle from Xenos, another new compiler, is fresh and inventive. It's not too difficult and therefore can be enjoyed by solvers of all abilities. I particularly liked 2 Down.


Support robbery (4-2)
5 Illegal settler is croucher (8)
9 Of condiment container, all traces left scattered (4-6)
10 Qualified teachers sleep on them (4)
11 French behind the German Rhine freed regularly (8)
12 Gives direction to young bulls (6)
13 Bay, old chap! (4)
15 Swan with label affixed forms geometric shape (8)
18 Some backbone shown by French green with European support (8)
19 Fly back for taste (4)
21 Donkey put down by hospital department for compliance (6)
23 E.g. Jekyll's Hyde to change nothing for example (5,3)
25 Caldera valued for holding back volcanic discharge (4)
26 Seaman has painting (not a copy) for Australian native (10)
27 A short time ago put small coin in bank (8)
28 Answer to 5 and 6 for football team (6)

Talk formally of lowest tax band? (5)
3 Cleansing agent put off fellow (9)
4 Public relations holds up sword for Tom, say (6)
5 Mischievous little fellow involved in sex scheme, a Conservative it's obvious (4-11)
6 Rebellion heading skywards (8)
7 Put forward motion to bleat about (5)
8 Duck below bed cover (9)
14 Exaggerate concerning California, for example (9)
16 Possibly ref, if late, can still hope for one? (5-4)
17 Brats act curiously, to produce unnatural art (8)
20 Dress I treat shabbily (6)
22 Tardy after drug taken to raise spirits (5)
24 To irritate sounds excellent! (5)

Solution to Puzzle by Xenos