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Wolfgang is another new setter whose debut puzzle shows that he has a flair for invention and technique. There are some excellent cryptic definitions (I’m a sucker for these, not least because they are the origin of cryptic crosswords) and he has done a good job of writing decent clues for some non clue-friendly words. Even experienced setters find the latter difficult at times. Favourites: 12 across and 7 down.


Stroke given by creep after show (5,5)
6 Band has hit without manager, initially (4)
9 Ammunition law announced by party (10)
10 A “page one” article reveals capital in South Pacific (4)
12 Sweet woman helping children on the road to education? (8,4)
15 Party of lookers with the same status? (4,5)
17 Faithful follower’s story coming with good energy (5)
18 Scrap drink in empty club (5)
19 Hot and Cold article includes section on one musical instrument (9)
20 Soccer nation displayed devotion (12)
24 Article on police is biting (4)
25 Top angler lands bird! (10)
26 Lean in to impart lurid tale, first of all (4)
27 Hot English skater goes to pieces – effect of over-exposure? (10)

Meet by dilapidated cafe (4)
2 Animal’s sound is coming from demo in kitchen (4)
3 Trained to support out-and-out racehorse? (12)
4 About Britain, the Spanish put up a fight (5)
5 Defence essay earns decoration (9)
7 Greek character’s name showing up under “B” in order of characters (10)
8 Steely air? (5,5)
11 He looks into caves with misplaced steps, occupied by sign with reason mostly (12)
13 Vessel with elbow-room? It will take you out of this world! (10)
14 Quiet lanes redeveloped following an order (10)
16 Manage their woes – or else (9)
21 Close match gets time to replace first of linesmen (5)
22 Go away with second husband and unlimited food (4)
23 Release without charge (4)

Solution to Puzzle by Wolfgang