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Wire employs a wide variety of interesting tricks in the clues for his first puzzle, and there are some very well hidden definitions. My favourite is 11 across.


Hairdo that’s more risqué in the Home Counties (4,5)
3 Twenty tennis games entered by chap could be match record (10)
10 Court activity of bent criminal everyone follows (7)
11 Drift from main street to grab a free comic (3,4)
12 Outburst from ruptured pipe contained within Yorkshire boundaries (6)
13 Daredevil characters that stand out? (4,4)
15 Mutton, perhaps, back at home scoffed down initially, soaked in sauce (9)
16 See 1 across
17 Island event hosts the return of band available for hire (2,3)
19 Glam rocker nearly recruited into military lines (9)
21 Fail to keep game and salted pork, having eaten last of stock (2,4,2)
22 Frank performed half of French dance beforehand (6)
25 9-5 ethos heralds the beginnings of a great city (7)
26 Tendency not to move popular royal (one in the army) (7)
27 Attempt to catch devious liar stalking Tory in a perverse way (10)
28 Paper seems scant after, essentially, it's lifted from bogs (4)

TV comedy star putting New York amongst high points (5,4)
2 The responsibility of sixth Tudor wife, reportedly of good standard (2,2,3)
4 Competent locum nurses twisted arm (4)
5 Greeks regularly will approach Muses, providing they answer (10)
6 Flag-waver and typical exhibitionist, some might say (8-6)
7 Soon after starting, almost decapitated working below (5,2)
8 Summer wine for ladies ends and they struggle in their heels? (9)
9 Navy technology established in friendly bay, run to give temporary assistance (9,5)
14 Family member upset house cat perhaps, ensconced in cradle tightly (10)
15 Able to cause chromosomal damage in mice (gaunt after experimentation?) (9)
18 Proscribe the name of “Trotsky” across this country (7)
20 Lively young woman from Parisian coffee houses (7)
23 Consultant for one stern recruitment process (5)
24 See 1 down

Solution to Puzzle by Wire