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Puzzle 4 by Windsurfer
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This challenging jigsaw from Windsurfer – his fourth for this site – will give your brain a good workout. The clue beginning “Relating to main date...” is my favourite; it is an example of that rare beast, the laugh-out-loud clue.


Clues are in alphabetical order of their solutions and should be fitted into the grid jigsaw-wise, wherever they will go. Two clues will provide the correct orientation.

Those against this Earl lamentably included the Opposition (10)
Worker accepting at first decision thatís irretrievably made for moment to retire (7)
Meat in fancy Boston party (8)
Father beginning to extract pith cuts flower (6)
Spoonerís expressed refusal of girlfriendís gift (6)
Alcoholic drinks at the beginning nearly two gallons, goes squiffy (7)
Smoke out posh fighter trapped by chance (8)
Specially inaugurated, out of uni possibly as this? (8)
Panic from hairstyle not left wavy (8)
Vision or incomplete dream (4)
Determined press (4)
Sally heads for jolly exciting summer trip (4)
Kenyan revolutionary uniform thatís disgusting with ticks occasionally (6)
Gloomy Dutch city with area for immigrants principally (6)
Relating to main date of union meeting by the sound of it (8)
Duke, maybe VIP, goes to race course briefly (8)
Westbound from LA; no, it possibly is at oneís discretion (8)
One drives a car thatís left mostly wet, we assumed (10)
Calming down from half-heartedly leaving Euro invested (8)
One untidy piece of Indian cake (10)
Almost rescue girl, itís plain (7)
Approximately 3-metre decapod has tail twice removed (3-4)
Impotent to protect celebrity that cannot be identified (10)
Northbound Greek character going to island loo to be calmer (6)
Most of county flag (4)
Cross with you, caught entertaining adult in idyllic place (6)
Rapperís address housing English servant? (6)
Some prize - a lottery giving nut! (6)

Solution to Puzzle 4 by Windsurfer