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Puzzle 3 by Windsurfer
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Windsurfer's third puzzle is a very enjoyable challenge with a ghost theme. My favourite clue is 10 across.


Oxygen left out of formulaic mixture to make a type of acid (7)
5 One's friend comes before expensive houses (7)
9 Green metal – the cause of stomach upset (1,4)
10 Greater number arrived to entertain leader of Bridlington Town? (9)
11 The dessert that makes you smile? (10)
12 Doctor fine with company at first (4)
14 See 4 Down
18 Unprofessionally shut early, aim to go off (12)
20 North Scottish island shunning its first invalid (4)
21 Willing departure from continent after the UN initially accepts disorder (10)
25 When the wine is new, prepare inside in French old city (2,7)
26 Dispute attitude Murray displays (5)
27 Moccasin perhaps is useless present (7)
28 Jewish comedian Campbell is really funny ditching protocol at last (7)

Window dressing types? (6)
2 Bobby and George further concealing love (5)
3 Recalled a German way that blocks score draws primarily (10)
4,14 Rich persons' impact potentially – they give amusement to others (5,12)
5 Soldier and poet in conversation identify birds (9)
6 Not the first skilful defeat (4)
7 State help given to old boy with computer after retiring (8)
8 Bottoms up! Female tries pint finally, it's most stylish (8)
13 Feverish sad spaniel I ignored receives drug and walks (10)
15 Unstable type of car, nearly universal and fast (9)
16 Abrasive workers collect posh associate of 1d (8)
17 Splint for one individual half-cut after visit (8)
19 One of victor's trophies found in bay (6)
22 Prince initially deputised for royal writer (5)
23 Dance leaders of swish and modern ballroom act (5)
24 Informed broadcast of questions (4)

Solution to Puzzle 3 by Windsurfer