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Puzzle 2 by Windsurfer
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Many solvers will remember the late Araucaria's alphabetical jigsaws with great fondness. Windsurfer has kept the tradition alive with an alphabetical jigsaw of his own. I've done a few myself and know that filling these grids isn't easy, so he's done well to produce a grid relatively free from obscurities. The F clue is my favourite.


Solutions should be fitted into the grid jigsaw-wise, wherever they will go. There is some help with orientation.

Seats been reallocated for those missing (9)
B German beers, a little tepid at first for Colorado's mountain painter (9)
C Mostly designing pleasant place to display goods (5,4)
D High girl tuned into narcotic info (4,5)
E Two letters and a note to gangster chief (9)
F Could policeman who patrols festival maybe make one? (4,3)
G Labelled first handle (5,4)
H Noisy animal centre (5)
I Questions by one between sheets (9)
J Pilgrimage rejected over leaders of entirely horrendous offence – violently portraying God (7); Only an athlete perhaps might wait a minute (4,1,2)
K King’s family at first shows peculiarities (5)
L Let kind father relax unawares (4,2,3,4)
M One place in a thousand variable scenes (7)
N Spooner's to get Scottish lout out of prison – one’s under the thumb? (4,3)
O Unlucky to love retired woman (5)
P Time machines damaged making preset runs (7,6)
Q Conscientious objector, not the last to tremble (5)
R Girl eats a yoghurt dish (5)
S What the waiter should do deservedly (5,3,5)
T Prime Minister’s Chinese philosophy detailed for every individual (9)
U Remove padding? International Organisation objects (7)
V Leaderless businesses provide openings (5)
W Comfortable new lot applied refurbishment (4-9)
X Chinatown in North American Indian state with nine uprising (7)
Y Surrendered - not a deadly reverse that’s involved (7)
Z Part of extravaganza tonight is in Croatian resort (5); Made belts to hold up joint weight (5)

Solution to Puzzle 2 by Windsurfer