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Windsurfer has published puzzles to much acclaim on Big Dave's site, and once before here as Robi. This is a very entertaining puzzle with a mini-theme. My favourite clue is 5 down.


Forced to join as interceptor of Outside Broadcast Department (9)
6 See 24
10 Extra engineers are excessive (7)
11 See 18
12 See 22
13 Good man so describes Yorke in Caribbean Island (2,6)
15 See 4
16 "Golden one" (European) managed the church, finding obstacle (10)
19 The brief argument at Northern Ireland constituency has been dumped (6,4)
21 Employs operations (4)
24/6 Uncontrolled husky ran on as major lead (8,4)
25 Tree, when warmer, pollarded (5)
27 One keeping an eye on Al's road (7)
28 State was naughty again, having to cancel (7)
29 Row producing sign of distress, reportedly (4)
30 It's sweet way for The Apprentice contestants to get revenge? (4,5)

Two policemen in open prison worked too much (7,2)
2 Disappointed at the end to concede the French touchdown (American style) (3,4)
3 First two beginnings of Greenpeace musical (6)
4/24d/23/15/4 24a/6's movie people, first and last, drive away god strangely at first, so tend to ruin (4,5,6,4,4)
5 Cartoon character Dewey (not English) with Pat and loveless Doug disgruntled (6,4)
7 Stroke round person possessing small bottom? (7)
8 King, one with island fruits (5)
9 To be played on mountain peak? (7)
14 Girl acts in first half? This bulb's a clue to that! (4,6)
17 I erred, say, foolishly making a movie (4,5)
18/11 What pertly gown fancifully worn by star? (7,7)
20 Upset teacher, one half bleary and ridiculous (7)
22/12 Film tubes contain them; they might slip over each other (7,5)
23 See 4
24 See 4
26 The Spanish large ancestor (4)

Solution to Puzzle by Windsurfer