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It's Not All about You by Vigo
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When Vigo sent this puzzle, she told me she'd only started solving let alone setting crosswords four years ago. To be honest, I'd have suspected that this was the work of an experienced setter posing as a relative novice for some reason, had she not also referred to some setters and solvers I know who helped her get started! Yes, it's that good. The completed grid explains the title. Favourite clue: 6 down.


Motivate British holding crowd back for attack (8)
9 Injured by holding edges of machete in firm grip (6)
10 Porridge is first class after a spot of juice with a dash of lemon (4)
11 Former Bond retaining sex appeal arouses passion (10)
12 Askew tiara on Queen of Arabian State (6)
14 Killjoys avoid going around lake (8)
15 Current issue returned promptly (2,4)
16 Ooze around American returning to make contacts (1-5)
19 Repeat claims of fear being spread by company (8)
21 Slicer destroyed souvenirs (6)
23 Selfish concierge wrongly retaining tip from tourist (10)
24 Send haul in planes initially? (4)
25 One in vehicle taking very, very short time to reach hilltop markers (6)
26 Tiny tree develops forever (8)

Rogue captured by American Intelligence bug (6)
2 Flesh that's regularly viewable (4)
3 Displaying camisole's not accepted it's a faux pas (8)
4 Cricket outfit triumph in three corners of the globe (6)
5 Proper men telephone first (10)
6 Snakes owned by royal couple (according to him) (8)
8 Grow into suit (6)
13 Mechanics engineered a terrific section (10)
15 Symbolic character from island roamed erratically about Greek capital (8)
17 Motoring organisation involved in long distance acts defying belief (8)
18 European Union missing ultimate issue (6)
20 Inside station I secure charge (6)
22 Glossed over material about husband number one's time in New Zealand (6)
24 Conceal cesspool (4)

Solution to It's Not All about You by Vigo