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This is an excellent debut from Starhorse. He combines smooth surfaces with some very neat wordplay and a wide variety of clueing techniques. My favourites were 12 and 27 across and 3 and 24 down.


Europeans isolated and far from agreeable (5,5)
6 A bonus for every thousand (4)
9 One turned out to trespass (7)
10 Competent secretary featured in Telegraph (7)
12 Duck on hearing order from Armada's leader? (9)
13 Clubs offering endless satire opening in September (5)
14 Induces colleague of Marx to embrace objective and swap sides (9)
17 Reject story about Conservative glory (5)
19 Holly possibly needs a massage after tennis match finishes (5)
20 Win communist backing for confiscation of land (9)
22 Government activists initially following Tory party line? (5)
23 Brightened up extremely benign Rushdie novel (9)
25 Home rule is lawful (2,5)
26 Show eager support when hospital application is led by one if its departments (7)
27 It's not odd unless son is in the lead (4)
28 Genre of films covering medical drama for those in Europe or America? (10)

Pagan leader's mysterious site exposed in the media (9)
2 Carefree, topless and graceful (5)
3 Someone to approach for an opinion re. clue for "uninterested"? (8,5)
4 English Queen in call for honour (7)
5 Fiddles a game (7)
7 Doctor angry about nothing after drug’s mixed up (9)
8 Detains spy heading north then south (5)
11 May perhaps get ready to attend (5,8)
15 Reloading fancy candle-holder (9)
16 Soak in rosewater, regularly (3)
18 Note evidence of sunburn and fatigue (9)
20 Nice hostelry in France, to the east, visited by Austrian composer (7)
21 Peak cost of borrowing leads to outburst (7)
22 Rebuke accepted by French idealist (5)
24 Accommodate husband - a waste of space? (5)

Solution to Puzzle by Starhorse