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Puzzle 2 by Soup
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Soup’s second offering is an alphabetical jigsaw, and he’s managed to emulate Araucaria in that the clues are presented as rhyming couplets with a regular metre. That’s quite some achievement, especially as he’s managed this without taking more than the occasional and forgivable liberty with the cryptic grammar. Bravo! (PDF version)


Solutions should be fitted into the grid jigsaw-wise, wherever they will go.

A Electric rock band - I twice brought in tart (6)
B Fish with Johnís jet-man, whoís large at heart (6)
C Twelve textual points from orator in Rome (6); One calls about the sites of many a home (6)
D Signal weary French girl, Spooner said (8)
E A job to do - poor Bernardís lost his head (6)
F Wild? Nonsense! Rather calm, except at first (6)
G Put up with awful groans and dire outburst (10)
H A chained wild group of cattle could be here (8)
I Numbers diamonds set with piece of sapphire (8)
J Rejoice as fibre coats a Liberal back (8)
K In India, see his mark suffer attack (7)
L Matches with affection, point to point (6)
M Oddly mounts, unable to have joint (6)
N Directions seen: tuck nothing inside bunk (8)
O Round window is unseen by luscious drunk (6)
P Frenchman gets turn in after lunch for prize (7)
Q More sick? Half put out, shakily arise (8)
R Conscience-stricken, like a copper's day? (10)
S Percussion battered in a speedy way (10)
T Salute that masks bad noise with soft ingress (3,4,3)
U With wariness and caution - hardly? Yes! (8)
V Proud, said itís to show the line of draught (4)
W Some fellow anglers use a little craft (6)
X The girl Anneís told where statues guard the dead (4)
Y Murky ale is spilt on Hebrewís head (8)
Z Love booze - a lagerís two-thirds disappeared (4); On coast of Egypt raised, in Athens feared (4)

Solution to Puzzle 2 by Soup