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Snacky, who is from the States, became interested in British cryptics several years ago. He has decided to try his hand at setting, and this excellent puzzle is the result. Cryptics have not yet caught on in America as they have in Britain, but with new setters like Snacky around that could well change. Favourite clue: 14 across.


Quarterback sometimes dated, right? (6)
5 Strike back with anger about one union (8)
9 Won over and took the weapon (8)
10 Popular place with no waterfront (6)
11 Beginning of trip to “Flying Raven” pub (6)
12 Upset open container (8)
14 Unexpectedly, no more of that colour in stock (3,2,3,4)
17 Author with dental work, one famous for collapse! (6,6)
20 Sharp, hollow projectiles for small birds (8)
22 Benefit retaining old network (6)
23 ’Til gone, times call for Mexican drink (6)
25 Put butter back in a third of ragout sauce (8)
26 Since finished, about a hundred went up (8)
27 Men say about me, I always agree (3,3)

After one, I’m left holding a beast (6)
3 Hear changes to follow quiet, more mature investor (11)
4 Mentoring new American artist (9)
5 Ran away, might remove to the audience (4,3)
6 Lift up worship without a leader (5)
7 50-50 after one misfortune (3)
8 Tempering one’s urge to be unselfish (8)
13 Diagram error with net return for indoor sport (5,6)
15 Celebrated newly landscaped yard with a path? (3,1,5)
16 Master strokes, securing permit for some verse (8)
18 Outline of experience: died, began again (7)
19 Screwball song about large rodent (6)
21 Took a long look at ramshackle lodge (5)
24 Signal to line up heard (3)