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Puzzle 3 by Sleight
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Sleight makes a welcome return. His first two puzzles were of the highest quality and he maintains the standard he has set himself with his third offering. Here is another setter who by rights should be writing puzzles for the broadsheets. Hard to choose a favourite with so many excellent clues, but 23 across should raise a giggle for its neatness and cheeky surface reading.


Fruit extract in butter served from the right is great (5)
4 Belligerent brush against farm worker (9)
9 Rock groove from one playing behind funky artist (9)
10 Provoke private detective to question European (5)
11 Some rapid development in urban setting shows how people make a big difference? (6,9)
12 Order papers with time rewritten as an afterthought results in failure (8)
14 Ride of the Avenger (5)
16 Shoot feral pigs without right (5)
18 What Pepys was after daughter became leader of Parliament. Keeper of queen and her colonies? (8)
21 Ravishing belle, Phoebe, cuts fine vision when seen from here (6,9)
23 Thanks to the French crimeís run amok (5)
24 Mixture of iron, gallium, nickel and carbon in chemistry set, perhaps (9)
25 The brilliance of many of 21ís discoveries? (9)
26 Itís in situ dormer characteristic of this style (5)
Club run by mothers (6)
2 Joe with heart dropping about well-to-do city opening with fanfare (7)
3 Ruled area depicted by line in stack of paper (5)
4 Object after simple task becomes source of minor diversion? (6,9)
5 Position in cabinet where plate on its rim is damaged (11,4)
6 He values oneís input to back up a very weak opening (9)
7 Lock on a concealed opening to archaic part of church (7)
8 Pattern emerging from report of Asianís demise (3-4)
12 Vesselís contents under pressure, initially (3)
13 Itís due to lawyers the police hold up whatís lawful (5,4)
15 Take repast regularly (3)
16 Plans to introduce yours truly to chess gone awry (7)
17 Dress right before beginning of tonightís first-rate musical (7)
19 Individual invested in market indexís reversal fainted (7)
20 Sportsman who borders on the extreme? (6)
22 Sense of hearing works here (5)

Solution to Puzzle 3 by Sleight