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Puzzle 3 by Skipjack
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We have come to expect fresh and entertaining puzzles from Skipjack and this one doesn't disappoint. It is hard to choose favourite clues as they are all good, but 22 across and 2 down raised the biggest smiles.


Men preferring one over a long distance (5)
4 Quietly say to the barman ďjust a small oneĒ (3)
6 Lady-boy has bottom pinched (5)
9 It may strike a chord, but only once (7)
10 Composer died after operaís opening is made too elaborate (7)
11 Stirring rally provides bigwig with little to do (4,5,4)
14 Money from 7 back-to-back articles (4)
15 Pornographic TV show had to corrupt (10)
19 Itís a tragedy to mix up sex and/or die (7,3)
20 Time to return, with no great speed or expectation (4)
22 Dancing a Spanish dance hurts! (5,3,5)
27 Object pierces torn clothing (7)
28 Foreign politician once lost his head (7)
29 Capital place to sit into which one sinks (5)
30 Cancel religious programme from dodgy broadcaster (3)
31 Reward includes dry savoury cake (5)

Formatting frames with uneven finish (4)
2 Place full of yes-men where nothing gets done (4,2,3)
3 Such a drinker cannot remain so (6)
4 Is it safe to present King before Queen? (5)
5 Clue for grate is well worth it! (4,5)
6 Kisses and cuddles seen to go too far! (8)
7 I support Northern Irelandís revolution (5)
8 Current role on newspaper reduced colour supplement (4)
12 Song writer and setter of puzzles for The Listener (5)
13 Shylock perhaps with only seconds to remove flesh for something precious (5)
16 He thought, so he was a philosopher (9)
17 Festoon a spot occupied by servicemen (9)
18 Time following FM broadcast may fly if break is removed (8)
21 Governor confused borders of Greek city (6)
23 Bluff manís craggy face (5)
24 Flower said to develop by the end of May (5)
25 Pupilís behaviour is controlled by this woman (4)
26 Girl expected to lose heart (4)

Solution to Puzzle3 by Skipjack