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Puzzle 2 by Skipjack
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It's nice to have a second puzzle from Skipjack. There is much to admire here: witty clues and elegant surface readings abound. My favourites are 12 across and 8 down, which is very clever indeed.


“The Clash – The Musical” first seen as part of programme for The Fringe? (9)
10,19 across Work too much on open question (8)
11 Question of Sport broadcast (5)
12 Breasts make a comeback in more recent copy of The Sun? (9)
13 Horny beast is almost attractive most of the time (7)
14 Supsension of trading therefore includes evidence of business acumen (7)
17 I remove deer’s head and feet (5)
19 See 10
20 Heartless brute's ready to attack (5)
21 French name I announce joint winner possibly (7)
22 Work with scraps of material from which gelatine is obtained mostly (7)
24 Sticky glasses? (9)
26 See 28
28,26 The Proms’ directors resign? (10)
29 Spiritual person revealed by Eliot’s volte-face during rodent-hunting expedition (9)

Who’s about to appear? (4)
2,13 down Blessed biopic! (4,2,5)
3 Toss-up again: bet on rejection (10)
4 Informed tip-off found in circular letter following question for committee (6)
5,16,7 He upsets her because of this poem (3,5,2,3,8)
6 Back-to-back toilets and what you might find there (4)
7 See 5 (8)
8 This would be right at the top of the bill with 28 and 16,1, respectively (4)
13 See 2
15 Protective covering ruins roll for Spooner (6,4)
16 See 5
18 Am I right to include current record? (8)
19 To relay a broadcast is unpredictable (8)
22 It could be said to put a grin on your face? (6)
23 How might tramp be one source of change? (6)
24 Virus nearly returned to part of the brain (4)
25 Nearly under-dressed? No, completely! (4)
27 Perhaps 7’s in (4)

Solution to Puzzle 2 by Skipjack