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Here's a puzzle by another promising new compiler, Skipjack. It's a very enjoyable solve and the clues have very elegant literal readings. I liked 13 and 24 down the best.


Raise footwear question persistently (4)
9 Loyalty shown, for example, in long-term relationship (10)
10 Adjusts pasta dish, but very little cooking required (6)
11 Cake sales (8)
12 Trainee reversed terminals of the communication system (8)
14 Spooner experienced distaste for man lacking balls (6)
16 26 has an unpleasant smell and stains – not half! (4)
17 Tattoo back with tip of fine oriental blade (5)
18,17d "11 9 in Ankara" – an exotic tragedy (4,8)
19 Toughen paint made from egg yolk without trace of albumen (6)
21 Anxiety in the heart of dangerous criminal (8)
23 Broadcast “Out of Sight” (8)
26 Inadvertently laugh while performing central part without second thought (6)
27 Classify victim not short of something to say (10)
28 Season shallots unevenly (4)

Heavy spin rebounds on me (10)
2 Axes tree inspiring love before loss of sensation (8)
3 Black Grape dried out, celebrating without PG Tips (6)
4 Spoil sandwich with no filling (4)
5 Cause distress and rage, given no end to mediation with reconciliation (8)
6 Animal managed to conceal surprised expression (6)
7 Pain embraced by Sacher-Masoch (4)
13 Both like and dislike night shift ...(5)
15 ... on the other hand, like sports shoe? (10)
17 See 18a
18 Difficult to take advantage of around halfway (8)
20 Make water for each eye (6)
22 Turning in makes us money (6)
24 Plagiarise writer, almost from start to finish (4)
25 Condemn topsy-turvy emotional state (4)

Solution to Puzzle by Skipjack