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Scintillator is a very impressive new setter from India. At the time of writing he has been writing clues for less than a year, yet he has  recently made his debut for The Hindu, an Indian newspaper which publishes original cryptic crosswords. This is quite a challenge, with some ingenious devices. My favourite clue is 18 down.

Scintillator has asked that any feedback be sent to scintillatingstuffs (at) gmail (dot) com


Sheer material (8)
5 Might I spend this at the gym? (6)
9 A knight's weapon set (8)
10 Macho: "I love workshop..." (6)
12 Tubes of vehicles that bear the extremes of temperature (9)
13 Some in Kuwait eradicate revolutionary system that's convoluted (5)
14 A crack has Justice established (4)
16 He needs bucks, having earned a title (7)
19 Begin with what makes Tendulkar a feature (4,3)
21 Slow and steady unfortunately loses the Derby, for frontrunners (4)
24 Stage which hosts a romantic film to begin with (5)
25 Capacity of Agatha's grass? (9)
27 Each one eats a cake (6)
28 A debtor introduced to a financier's sector (8)
29 An evil spirit moaned in agony (6)
30 Train's once more a departed vehicle (8)

Area surrounding a mansion (6)
2 It's common sense, I say, not to lose heart in a hurry (6)
3 Subject present in the message (5)
4 Mad in love, starting to turn wild (7)
6 Endorses fake assertion (9)
7 Leftists harsh with songster (8)
8 Class variable that's not the same anymore (8)
11 Treated like second-hand (4)
15 Former partner gets meddlesome, after forsaking us because of position held (2,7)
17 He has a swagger and is out lbw, having scored duck with difficulty (8)
18 Arsenal is incredibly amazing on centre of field (8)
20 Dudes not fully backing empty promises (4)
21 Prevent from participating, without having set the crossword for The Listener (7)
22 A cost that is said to develop intrigue (6)
23 Heedless British set fire to explosive (6)
26 Enable stem to undergo pith transplantation? (5)

Solution to Puzzle by Scintillator