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Puzzle 3 by Rodolfo
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This entertaining third puzzle from Rodolfo has some very clever (and balanced!) political satire that would be worthy of Private Eye. Particularly noteworthy are 10/11 across, 28 across and 3 down.


Stoned, Dave fiddled with pigís head (5)
8 First Lady cut off journalist after Democratís lead grew (9)
10,11 She could destroy Union with large cost? (6,8)
11 See 10
12 One new hint to get flipping top marks! (8)
13 Keel over, itís a vegetable! (4)
15 A horse and sheep, shaped as on here? (7)
17 Like this extraordinarily majestic phrase, with grammaticized narrative requiring all alphabet for starters (7)
20 Result of knife attack, perhaps, in Bizetís Carmen (4)
22 Own a refurbished salon (8)
25 Where members remain whilst sitting? (8)
26 Result of European vote embraced by just over half of Britain? (6)
27 Be real gutless and buy lime cocktail (9)
28 Nutty at heart, an arse and a load of gas? (5)

Controlling rotter in government taking Number 10, sadly (9)
2 Giving up and removing democracy? (8)
3 JCís in disarray, being associated with heads of IRA and Hezbollah (7)
4 Writer is overwhelmed by drink, so gets another (8)
5 Extremely blotto, ogling Isabelle dancing (6)
6 Lemon, bananas and another fruit (5)
9 A piercing nail will lead to this (4)
14 Examples of average mornings round mine (9)
16 15 ales or so in cans? (8)
18 Shape of grotesque Tory... e.g me (8)
19 Work of T-total dead actor? (7)
21 Blimey! Reportedly rubbish holder of the Labour leadership? (7)
23 Wrongfully deprives as backwards looking Osborne has? (4)
24 Annoyed by new Tory leader: dire (5)

Solution to Puzzle 3 by Rodolfo