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Puzzle 2 by Rodolfo
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This is Rodolfo's second puzzle here, and there is a slight theme. The clues have faultless cryptic grammar and exploit a wide range of ideas. My favourite is 15 down, with 27 down a close runner-up.


Circulate a test to pieces against Fermat’s Last Theorem (9)
10 House revolutionary soldier, he’s against the throne (5)
11 Derby’s banks have Manx currency up front in cash (5)
12 Actor’s pet reviewed in The Observer (9)
13 Tsipras’ letter raises one half of capital (7)
14 See 26
17 Adjusts detailed trial to suit multi-national group (5)
19 Catch nameless man (3)
20 Herb used in frothy Meunière (5)
21 Perhaps Garfunkel is an accomplished craftsmen (7)
22 Official with his rule receding, like 6? (7)
24 Supply I infected, like 8? (9)
26,14 19, 11, 17? (5,7)
28 Times to cover small social media update (5)
29 Lord Lieutenant stores East German Riesling unopened, it’s needed for high notes! (5,4)

Soviet Union’s letters central to Bush senior (4)
2 Annoy contrary, quiet girl inside (6)
3 They’re green or yellow jersey contestants perhaps, after the final stages of Le Tour, retiring (10)
4 It can be learnt from what you’ve got after taking your shirt off? (6)
5 Computer system of medium difficulty (8)
6 Invent a fresh flavour (4)
7 Sweet talk from smooth guy who’s heartless (8)
8 Sorry form of dismissal, old Pakistani openers are upset (4)
13 Enigma decrypts captured by vengeful traitor (5)
15 Race Polo or Golf in this? (10)
16 Struggle without the primary character overshadows Greene’s finale in Brighton Rock? (5)
18 Told to exercise if on diet (8)
19 With soft steps, à la Rogers? (8)
22 Soup to mature under a container (6)
23 Medicine the Spanish king consumes one by one? (6)
24 Respect a tax on goods (4)
25 Extravagant Tosca loses nothing musical (4)
27 26,14 are, 26,14 (mostly) aren’t (4)

Solution to Puzzle 2 by Rodolfo