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This is a centenary puzzle, so itís worth noting that I published this in August, 2014. Rodolfoís debut puzzle does the theme full justice, and is a fine piece of crossword setting in its own right. My favourite clues are 3 down and, of course, the clue for the long solution starting at 13 across.


Flying around, revolutionary ĎDeutschí engages in two loops, an act of great courage (7-2)
10 Mass in the past for all to attend (5)
11 Affected and withdrawn after losing sappers (5)
12 Alas, evoke mislaid military decorations (3-6)
13 across, 14, 19 ,24 across, 27 down Propaganda from proud Tommies created a corrupt lie for conflict (5,2,7,3,3,6,4)
17 Take down raving, gun-toting state (5)
20 Highland dances are authentic when on the radio with saxophonist's introduction (5)
21 Party in Savoy Hotel primarily, then in own lodgings shortly afterwards (7)
22 Fortunately, the fleur-de-lis embodies the leaderless riff-raff (7)
26 Starts to see officers lecturing uniformed men in the ground (5)
28 1914 is, with time, to become a momentous occasion (5)
29 It shines with the prime of life, yet itís life is done by the yearís end (9)

Woman married man (4)
2 Composer supporting tenorís tour (6)
3 Like suffragettism, perhaps, past its best? (6-4)
4 Premiere in England, with a detailed 4 week-long run, includes grand set of German music (6)
5 Dance, a sign of times, and part of a repeating pattern (5,3)
6 This could be the result of friction in the Balkans or Europe (4)
7 All that is new and different after commencement from the Fourth of August (8)
8 Eat stew in dining hall (4)
13 A call to arms heard, so go back to the sign to collect drink (5)
15 Penalise casual piece of precarious engineering (4,6)
16 First to enter Mons, yet initially itís clouded over (5)
18 Shoot producers of last letter involved in anarchic heroism (8)
19 Keenest to make great suffragettes without damaged art stuff and axe-wielding, ultimately (8)
22 King, with books, gained knowledge (7)
23 Notoriously troublesome relations beginning to sour after Home Rule (2-4)
24 Late June in Englishmanís idyll? (4)
25 Against attribute of romantics (4)

Solution to Puzzle by Rodolfo