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This puzzle from another promising new setter, Robi, is a tough challenge with an interesting mini-theme. There's a lot to enjoy here and my favourite clues were 20 across and 7 down.


Obscure fat bits with swimming towel; it's a struggle! (6,2,4)
10 What cuckoo can exclude or deposit (4,3)
11 Disgusting racket; total rough sound! (7)
12 Victim erred concealing watch (5)
13 Log six decomposing plants (8)
15 Thieves make notes about a Catholic nurse (10)
16 For Spitfire backfiring money is needed! (4)
18 Henry, man in 24? (4)
20 Competing partners fool in undies, making 24 moves (2,8)
22 Poor Pat liking both sexes and timid (8)
24 Box with different endgame? (5)
26 Superior drug to binge (7)
27 Rude Ole pissed as a newt (7)
28 Blessed founder missing Oscar film? (3,9)

Reassure me, no sooner than crackpot pretender (7)
3 Views the parties a thousand wouldn't get into (8)
4 Goering partly dressed up so (4)
5 Contender that I left bloody causing ultimate provocation (5,5)
6 Rising artist describes one poem (5)
7 Stay away from cryptic post (4,3)
8 Neglected lavatory pan OK for 24 champion (7,6)
9 10s mislead my sect horribly (7,6)
14 The faction organised bishop to advance (10)
17 Baron or attorney farm so hard initially (8)
19 Bravest patron follows dope, not bachelor (7)
21 Julius speaking hesitantly before city heads (7)
23 Name passion points (5)
25 Remove from the board in rage (4)

Solution to Puzzle by Robi