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Rico is another new setter making his debut here. This is a relatively gentle puzzle, which may come as something of a relief after some of the fiendish offerings I've published lately. A very enjoyable solve; I particularly liked 18 across and especially 5 down.


Revision of the Ministry of Defence if I get put on a charge (12)
8 In the tribe somebody uses the brush (5)
9 Prominence given to the colour not carrying much weight (9)
11 A revolution to rouse one, right or wrong (9)
12 Relation of the deserter I love (5)
13 Condiment for the South African officer on board (5,4)
16 Registers the cash (5)
18 Choose to have no leader so choose again (5)
19 Player not contributing much has to move the ball on undulating green (9)
20 Rub the end off and create a dust-up (5)
22 A party flower made of plaster (9)
25 Fresh man on board at port (9)
26 Reward good French to you and me (5)
27 Considered then departed with time out (12)

1 Wretched skinflint gets to expert (9)
2 The spirit shown by being in tandem on horseback (5)
3 Blend of oil leaves (5)
4 Effeminate sounding names used by holiday-makers (9)
5 Play patience (9)
6 Should be no expression of disgust when on time (5)
7 End reading with a convincing demonstration (6,6)
10 Broadcast sets up errors but it gets rid of wrinkles (7,5)
14 Order me to clasp spiritual energy (9)
15 Snake came to an end and covered the road (9)
17 Squeezed teething dummy initially ordered (9)
21 1/8 of the boat (5)
23 A short division is accomplished (5)
24 A doctor thing. Thatís the limit! (5)

Solution to Puzzle by Rico