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This puzzle from Rags is at the harder end of the spectrum and provides a worthy challenge. He has put a lot of thought into providing fresh clues for common words: none more so than 17 down, which has been clued pretty much the same way since I started solving cryptics all those years ago. The outstanding clue for me is 4 down.


Originally South American? Not true, a displaced North American tribe (8)
5 Regularly sums up “dogger” as dirty (6)
10 Third-rate morning periodical rejected (5)
11 Location of poop from small bird (5)
12 Select lepidopterist trousers? (3)
13 One million bloggers could be phonies (9)
14 Always after a good man to control? (5)
15 Mostly snug, it’s sweet (6)
16 Old Master? Possibly (7)
19 Guide confused clients (7)
21 The first, forgetting keys in eagerness (6)
23 Strength, while composed (5)
25 Programme the Spanish delayed, relating to judicial review (9)
26 Impresario’s first on, with passion (3)
27 Broadsheet one folded over frequently (5)
28 Spin from both sides attending Westminster (5)
29 In electronics, old version of Windows operating system is out (6)
30 Former Police Chief remains inside, hiding (8)

Graduate doctor that is one said to be thieving (6)
2 Mother could, providing one such clue for Marmite? (9)
3 Quality, provided one jazzy type is carrying on with arrangements (15)
4 Endlessly restless in Spain? That’s most curious (7)
6 Militant’s rise is problematic for cabinet supporters (15)
7 Used car company (5)
8 Old note: “Port right outside” (8)
9 Aircraft rocket’s debris (6)
17 Content of librettos can initiate conductor (9)
18 At a function eating junk (8)
20 One slowly dressing shed (4-2)
21 As Yoda might say – “It isn’t the best kind of bun” (7)
22 Fix tie with wooden pin? (3,3)
24 Meek person goes up, overcoming top of hill (5)