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Puzzle 6 by Radler
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Radler's latest puzzle for this site is a has a theme running through the clues. He has already proven his worth with previous puzzles and this one will certainly not disappoint. It's quite a challenge, so you'd do well do start this when you have plenty of free time. Favourite clue: 6/13 across.


Philip Marlowe disguised as Paul Drake in Perry Mason (7,6)
7 Misguided Lestrade pulled third lever (7)
10 Dorothy L Sayers's characters, twisted and devious (3)
11 Murder She Wrote starts abruptly, killer makes a comeback (5)
12 Skimpy clothing group secretly engaged in crime to kidnap husband (5)
13 See 6
14 Maigret nearly wrong, accepting under cover complaint (8)
15 Drama's gruesomeness overshadowed by unreliable evidence (5,6,4)
19 Role of Poirot is played right away by character doubling for Finney (8)
21/20 Yarn spun by Lewis's partner on trail of illicit drug (6,5)
23 Crime surge maybe over, I give up (5)
24 Repeat trailers of Panther movie and Inspector Clouseau again (5)
26 Unknown successor for Father Brown (3)
28 Was inherent in openings for Study in Scarlet, being about that edition (7)
29 Sink Campion's case, the case of the unmarried man (7)

Has departed from these clues (4)
2 Extortion demand squeezes driver, provisionally to cause one pain (4,2)
3 Malicious remarks: I'll remove you shortly in brutal murder (8)
4 A doctor needed after Frenchman's shot (4)
5 Mad, mad! Sort of working? Correct! (8)
7 Comparatively bad-tempered row pre-empted by set up (7)
8 Extract with difficulty out of starship's log (5)
9 Big birds getting drunk, initially all goes well (5,4)
13 Military might put prisoner in less sympathetic surroundings (4,5)
16 Least demanding of ethics failing to restrict America (8)
17 With bouquet and Scrabble double word score Bill marginally won (7)
18 Fact about gangster and prohibition agent (8)
20 See 21
22 One outside to float boards on river? (6)
25 Crime – Miss Marple's first – baffled Sir Tim (4)
27 Stocky Tibetan getting to grips with New Statesman? (4)

Solution to Puzzle 6 by Radler