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Puzzle 5 by Radler
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Radler will be well known to regulars here, having already produced four excellent puzzles. This latest, with a mini-theme, is another excellent effort with a wide range of techniques and tricks. Favourite clues: 18 down and 22 down.


See 28
9 Working day over, pull a bird for George Orwell perhaps (3,2,5)
10 Stinger stung but leader escaped with CIA blundering (6)
11 It’s figuratively art, if subverted (8)
12,16 Elusive quality of Japan remix of Oasis and Queen No. 1 (2,2,4,4)
14 Turn after short distance, it’s back at the original place (2,4)
16 See 12
17 Disease provides regular pain and ages with time (5)
18,21 Manifestation of apt if comical, done deal (4,8)
19 One in hunt for somewhere to sit (6)
21 See 18
23 After crucifixion, come and echo Pilate’s words (4,4)
26 Clever saying cat-aristo the other way round (3,3)
27 Reflex response from abroad (10)
28,8 Pay attention briefly during election broadcast (4,4)

Old leader from English Guardian on black American aspiration (6,4)
2 Conceal fruit said to be result of deficiency (8)
3 City bank, Arab used when all bonuses initially withheld (6)
4 Fumes and smoking, unrelated? (4)
5 Kingsley’s sure bet about Potter (8)
6 Messes up down south (5)
7 Kinky sex do provides porn (4)
13 S for Spartan? (5)
15 Only a small part, but thrill on having it massaged (10)
17 One died with finger in nose, inflamed nasal glands (8)
18 Tracey interrupts penalty, typical of a woman! (8)
20 Angry and short of energy, I fill up (6)
22 Measures exhibited by Picasso possibly when temperature raised (6)
24 Cut after opening of cakehole (4)
25 11 on points (4)

Solution to Puzzle 5 by Radler