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Puzzle 4 by Radler
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Radler is back with another delightful puzzle full of unexpected twists and clever devices. Among this excellent of clues, I would choose 1, 6 and 13 down as my favourites. Enjoy!


According to oath, one is not wrong (Spooner?) (13)
8 Spooner's left in the past (5)
9 Spooner's unfortunately low quality (8)
11 Bring back Spooner after food shop (7)
12 Spooner's computers (7)
13 Language which is part of Spooner's eccentricity (4)
14 Setter's clue: Old man perhaps, or Spooner's in trouble over reported introductions (10)
17 Upset if it's covered up roughly by Spooner? (10)
19 Verse regularly offered by Spooner and me (4)
21 Setter's choice placed before Spooner perhaps (7)
24 Snake's bending easily, held in the arms of Spooner? (7)
26 Wine restriction covers Spooner's first time in drinkers' group (8)
27 Inside story from Spooner? (5)
28 Stop regulators as Spooner's brand is reduced (7,6)

Became less important when controlled by old man? (5)
2 Man's address over packing case has adversarial effect (9)
3 Withdrew rope from hole, mostly nervous but excited (7)
4 They get promoted through rises or re-shuffles (9)
5 Recital of my fiddlesticks and other musical instruments (5)
6 Possessing nothing, singer shot blanks (7)
7 Fancy bit (5)
10 Being initially horrified, beat a retreat (6)
13 Settles on two points to trick the others (6)
15 Force supplied by Paparazzi? (5-4)
16 Horny emission, hot and a little sexy (9)
18 Prince who was more inclement (7)
20 Paper makes upset model take action (6)
22 Remain cheerful: abstain from work (3,2)
23 Native American put out of commission over ego (5)
25 Those known to be experienced in fancy prose (5)

Solution to Puzzle 4 by Radler