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Puzzle 2 by Radler
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I never normally publish two puzzles from the same setter in such a short space of time, but after Radler sent me this excellent puzzle I snapped it up and wanted to share it as soon as possible. It is his response to my puzzle 56, in that this one too has a long answer spanning several entries; there is also other thematic material cleverly worked in. Favourite clues: 1 down and 13 down.


What 17 said after 18 in 25 for example (4,5,7,4,4,5,6,2,4)
6 See 1
9 See 1
10 See 1
12 Sword-shaped content one swallowed (8)
15 Join right in, only to be rebuffed (5)
16 Little power before “a bird in the hand” (9)
18 Has award of £50 in De La Rue forgery (9)
19 Opening half of board game with gamble. Most playful! (5)
21 Those lacking language of science? Yes, swapped for one on one (8)
23 See 1
25 Children he fostered, turned out originally twin brothers (4,2,3,6)
28 Not 17's doormat? (5)
29 I'm very nearly brought round to trendy fabric (9)

Barney Rubble's opening in West-side (7)
2 Overbearing? Pretend not to notice! (4,7)
3 Boundary lacking a triumphant exclamation (3)
4 Australian fraud committed in error twice (4)
5 Quiet! That's to let police in, allowing eavesdrop (10)
6 Take off eyelid! Eyelid taken off? (5)
7 Said in Ireland to address more than one purpose (3)
8 A short nap after start of exercise makes one most relaxed (7)
11 22 follows its reflection after I left Miss in Dallas (5)
13 An outlaw – head of organised crime – gets time following gang's surrender (11)
14 Shows involvement of devil having laciest kinky essentials (10)
17 Man has nothing when 11 fails to start (5)
18 Links up with one that is regularly involved with young girl (7)
20 Express amusement to Tango Romeo Hotel Charlie? (7)
22 Report infection in the past, before entering (5)
24 Way under, subject to you and me, is way out for 17 and 18ac not shown the way (4)
26 Benefits section in church long-ago (3)
27 Long time single, on being dropped (3)

Solution to Puzzle 2 by Radler