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This is an excellent puzzle with a lovely theme. Radler, another promising new setter, has integrated the thematic material superbly and come up with some terrific, and challenging, clues. He is an enthusiastic German speaker and his pseudonym means, among other things, "shandy" in German. I would say that this puzzle is more like strong ale! Favourite clues: 22 down and above all 14 down.


Man, quiet! There he is again, a little man observed with 23 (4,5)
6 Emperor with no one left to overthrow (5)
9 Little Ted's stomach blocked when Little Ted departed? (4,3)
10 Married woman's retreat with team member. Turn back! (7)
11 Indian driver takes 23 to hospital abroad (6)
12 Herb's fit to join little character between 14 (8)
14 Accommodation for men observed with 23 (10)
15 See 6d
17 26's friend's names (4)
18 School's head on touching younger sweeties (10)
21 Visit shopping centre and spend a lot of money (2,2,4)
23 Male (unrelated) female (related) (6)
26 Man with end one of three observed with 23 (7)
27 Gardener's activity with 14 reduced grass colour (7)
28 Jet wasted engine, starting first (5)
29 Security devices getting right among those taking off (9)

 Everyone bar one behind record (5)
2 Strain to hasten God? (5-4)
3 Iconic book observed with 23 (7)
4 Points pertaining to posh person? (4)
5 Nippers chewed with grey snouts (10)
6,15 Showing no emotion, first-rate family observed with 23 (10)
7 Slur over former magistrate's standing (5)
8 Suppliers of air return portion in sprays (9)
13 Flowers advance quickly with spring sun (10)
14 Tending to flag a bit, requiring energy (9)
16 Examine old base after further address (9)
19 Observed as the very biggest dog in 6d,15 (7)
20 South-side ultimately very hot (6)
22 Check Oscar's double out (5)
24 Rides clear away after 26's prickly friend gets very cross (5)
25 Drive to branch (4)

Solution to Puzzle by Radler