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Prolixic is a new setter here, but has considerable experience elsewhere: Don Manley has published some of his crosswords in the Church Times, and his crosswords also appear regularly in the Not The Saturday Prize Puzzle series on Big Dave’s Crossword Blog. Prolixic is certainly a misleading pseudonym; the clues for this themed puzzle are all very concise and to  the point, with not a word wasted. 26 across and 7 Down are particularly good examples of this. 


Reject outcry over broadcast (6)
4 Old tax on account for part of 26 (6)
8 State refugee is accommodating in America (7)
9 Exclaim honey is yellow? (7)
11 Part of 26's socket? (10)
12 Argue over Dutch part of 26 (4)
13 Arrogant lad embraces trendy model (3-2)
14 Overhead storage for a frock fellow left in disarray (4,4)
16 Hides Britain's copper amid old Roman things (8)
18 European birds seen on the roof (5)
20 Greeting Ms Glover in stereo? (2-2)
21 Unreservedly loud female American I have housed in city (10)
23 Healing substances studied by Rutherford? (7)
24 Reveal King John is held in part of 26 (7)
25 Order the French to be irritating (6)
26 Description of ex-junkie's status? (6)

African queen acquires Latin cactus (5)
2 Two crews of marriageable age? (7)
3 Image with everyone on card? (9)
5 Beginner left blood mark (5)
6 Shelter given by Kansas aunt and violinist (7)
7 Withdraws naval literature? (9)
10 Small sweet maker of 26 (9)
13 Corrupt shipbuilder with split personality lost part of 26 (9)
15 Crowd offer us TV set (9)
17 Wagon in America is so nice (7)
19 Revolutionary cleric describes year-round musician? (7)
21 Perhaps egg's centre gives part of 26 (5)
22 Disreputable university houses ducks (5)

Solution to Puzzle by Prolixic