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Puzzle 5 by Mysti
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It's been a while since one of Mysti's puzzles has appeared on here, and this fifth contribution with a mini-theme is undoubtedly his best so far. There are outstanding clues, of which 18 down is my firm favourite.


Superior shrub (5)
4 Start to carefully search after seed for bird (9)
9 Measures vehicles, height and length included (7)
10 Soak god with a negative type of 29 (7)
11 River's natural conclusion (4)
12 Dissolute lunatic he abandoned (9)
15 Rough for bishop coming into contact with infectious diseases after seeing call girl (6)
16 Port wrongly made note of a type of 29 (8)
17 Shows regard for details (8)
20 They tend to dash back for the speaker's opening points (6)
23 A number proclaim talent is vast and dark (9)
24 Man against type of 29 (4)
27 Broadcast to show positive opinion about assistance returning (7)
28 Star's drug ideal for a holiday? (7)
29 Looked good on the outside with a disease returning, 10, 16, 24 and 30 are examples (9)
30 Quality type of 29 (5)

River mouth formed around 3 to make 29s work? (10)
2 Celt right to feel sad with the inclusion of a gift (7)
3 Animal turned up something to make 29s work (4)
4 Covering when the following’s not hot (6)
5 List set in stone? (7)
6 Top Irish police promises are whimsical (10)
7 A charge for a call in American language (7)
8 Prose not right for composition of epic poetry (4)
13 Dead i.e. badly affected officer (4-2-4)
14 Apes around with organ, it's a toy (10)
18 It expands unnaturally (7)
19 Fruity mixture made with seaweed and endless melon (7)
21 Stretch over small 24 basin (7)
22 Struggle, playing lute around ship (6)
25 Heraldic symbols on the shoulders (4)
26 Empty weapon at flyer (4)

Solution to Puzzle 5 by Mysti