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Puzzle 4 by Mysti
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Here's another offering from Mysti, probably the most challenging to date. This puzzle shows his trademark inventiveness and originality at its best; I particularly liked 24 across and 14 down.


Bribe with gold on condition I firstly consume a sedative (9)
6 I Move Without Waking The Dead, for example? (5)
9 Boy found on mountain? (5)
10 Thick skinned individual is disturbed in a waterway with nothing on (9)
11 Moncur chose to include headgear (5)
12 Part of clothing for eastern woman (9)
13 On analysis emperor takes in one needing love to start interpretation of dreams (15)
16 Have to change – darn scared by the introduction of snails as something to be eaten (7,3,5)
17 Setter to roam haphazardly about and find ways to bring things back (9)
20 Returning niggle not so good in Scotland? (5)
22 Rise above the tendency to include a solution with cocaine (9)
23 Cut back on disease appraisals (5)
24 Right to include heterosexual (7 by another name) in a classic 6 across (5)
25 Sentence little man to be pulled in different directions (9)

Concerns over glacial high point amongst the crevasses (5)
2 Weak captive Liz gets smaller (9)
3 Arabic queen entertains singer in Mexican village (9)
4 They take steps to dress army officer and five hundred freedom fighters in strange flares... (8,7)
5 ...Steps taken by knight having left before summer (9,6)
6 Government department article liberal used relates to a way of doing things (5)
7 Container the French kept clean (5)
8 Alter mixes around river to get to the layer of root (9)
13 Metronomes (not new) swapped for instrument (9)
14 Darling girl detailed the last two going first – that’s severe (9)
15 I had damaged ego taking the blame for heroin, it could be symbolic (9)
18 Drink for English Nobel prize winner (5)
19 Try again to make opposition without son (5)
21 Man on rising moved gingerly (5)

Solution to Puzzle 4 by Mysti