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This puzzle from Mucky is an excellent debut. There are all sorts of inventive twists and turns here, with misdirections galore – and he’s produced a set of clues with beautifully smooth surface readings. Favourite clues: 14, 21, 26 across and 25 down.


English china primarily rather white (4)
3 Externally check security on mutant lab rat (10)
10 Monstrous stink one granny bottles up (7)
11 Will I cite case for criminal? (7)
12 Tool for forging a six pound note impounded (5)
13 Child’s play to bounce tax check (9)
14 Watching musical chairs here, upstairs? (5,6)
17 My short rope (3)
19 Returning on board Concorde – fantastic flyer (3)
21 Start on chef’s cooked breakfast? (6,5)
23 Coach future queen about monarch’s temporary role at Palace? (9)
25 Small red heels? (5)
26 Dreadful count of motorists in dual crash (7)
27 What identifies the captain’s gun troop (7)
28 For a glow, firstly try alternative heating fun (10)
29 “Mum, I am badly hurt” (4)

Royal couple briefly do the dirty (9)
2 The French have right to dock ferries here (2,5)
4 Sandwich now abominable “lite munch”? (9)
5 Fresh snack (5)
6 A particular bird, or a hundred others? (9)
7 Contraction after bad case of self-denial (7)
8 Other half of 18? (5)
9 Chief detective cycling mile (4)
15 Patsy’s gentle caress (4,5)
16 Spooner’s upset teacher – the little pest (9)
18 River creature’s obstruction in port (9)
20 Pirate recited rude shanty (7)
22 By degrees, the greatest thief of thieves? (3,4)
23 Young soldier acted rashly (5)
24 This colour for one Ferrari crucial, it’s said (5)
25 Two plus one ring? (4)

Solution to Puzzle by Mucky