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Puzzle 3 by Maize
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Here is another very entertaining puzzle from Maize. It is proof that setters don’t have to resort to dubious grammatical devices to provide fresh and amusing ideas. 8 across is very clever, though it may take you a long time to see how subtle it is. (PDF version)


Shiny steps coming down from Machu Picchu (12)
8 9 ÷ 2 + 50 - 54.5 (3)
9 Visual indication of a 10? Eva Green’s one, fancied and paid accordingly (11)
11 Spacecraft – one entering landing stage (7)
12 Maybe area of Jerusalem, leaderless and without third of Palestinians, going backwards (7)
13 Refugee seeks, potentially, this House at PMQs? (9,6)
16 Fornicated with ruler in order to obtain position of authority at the end? (7,8)
18 Start changing sides to get allegiance to the Crown (7)
20 Student of Shakespeare relates characters in disguise (7)
22 During game in African jungle, America’s out of place (11)
24,23 down Horse, 9, destroyed but not eaten, surprisingly (3,3)
25 Novel about rebuilding manse on dressed blockwork (12)

Toilet, after interesting contents spilled round building (5)
2 Tradesman's line of work involving bit of plumbing and good book (9)
3 Mary, struggling with clue 8 being written the way it is (11)
4 Age of enlightenment provider? (3)
5 No time in Arctic for messing around (5)
6 Vegetarian favourite’s head chopped half off – lethal! (3,6)
7 Grab bargain pans in Crosswordland? (4,2)
10 Bosom, via the cantilever method, ends up perfect (5)
12 Sweet-sounding lines by this writer provided text you put in uplifting kind of music (11)
14 Wings from Lower Saxony put on eight German means of transport (4,5)
15 One of literature’s best; even sonnets show it (9)
16 Semi-prescient language (5)
17 Desperate desire to live (6)
19 Russian leader, fifty-nine, taking retirement (5)
21 Remain as two rivers in one (5)
23 See 24 across

Solution to Puzzle 3 by Maize