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Puzzle 2 by Maize
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Maize easily lives up to the standards he set with his previous offerings. This is an excellent piece of work, my favourite clues being 10 across and 6 down. Enjoy!


8 Deadline for this type of contract (4,4)
9 Put back locks after case of paranoia for one in solitary? (6)
10 Every Fourth of July Hawaiians ask to become American (6)
11 Virtuoso performance beginning again in style (8)
12 Cut off gas power to stove and start to introduce a fear of the unknown (10)
14 First to finish in holy war then first to depart for pilgrimage (4)
15 Two books - old and new - by South London writer (6,7)
18 Architect's bridge sequence that's revolutionary but right for the south (4)
20 Melancholy start to short hike interrupted by a babbling stream? (4,6)
23 Italian city gripped by liver cell infection (8)
25 Hit film is dated? (2,4)
26 Flying low through showground on Eurofighter (6)
27 American chemistry’s 13 graduates, one moving slightly west to University of Michigan (8)

1 After starter, queen dined and put fork into garden? (6)
2 It might be boring in the library (8)
3 Sleigh puller Rudolph’s extremity draws nigh (6)
4 Fall down dead with apt message (4)
5 Words in book introducing complicated pie chart (8)
6 In which bras come off the shoulders? (6)
7 Started to catch Australian opener in between left of gully and backward point (6,2)
13 Little & Large cut short Japan tour in the middle (5)
15 Estrange special police officer (8)
16 Space on metamorphic marble for Anubis, for example (8)
17 Lagers drunk with ten concubines in Muslim palace (8)
19 Boy raised eating a companion's cheesy chips (6)
21 Problem with drink, as judge epitomises? (4,2)
22 Endless arguing could result in production of weapon (6)
24 North of country goes to question becoming separate nation (4)

Solution to Puzzle 2 by Maize