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Maize has already published on here as Nico, and this offering under his new incarnation has a very cleverly implemented theme (briefly explained on the solution page). The grid may be somewhat unconventional, but as it allows for a high number of entertaining clues, it's a welcome departure. My favourite clues are 19 across, 9 down and 15 down.


When 1D appears here it can mean either of two things, and is not necessarily essential to solving the clue.
Container of sweets (homophone for Eminem, perhaps) (6) 
8 1D Spooner's addition to bill, to request friendly economic rivalry (11)
11 Passion produced by Irish and English ensemble (3)
12 1D loverboys spill the beans to reporter for The Queen Mary, among others (6)
13 1D sang to lift a mixed economy with rising prices but no growth (11)
14 Not even thirty could be spotted with twenty-two down (3)
16 1D female fans hoping to attract footballerís pay, including a bit extra at first (8)
17 5D, squeezing softly to kiss and cuddle (5)  
19 Inventory of filthy homes for designer (7)
21 1Dís birthplace is unknown Ė an endless production line? (1,6)
24 Surrounded by all manner of no good to begin with (5)
27 1D loversí vehicles for their passion charge around Australia, New Zealand and Western Samoa (8)
28 Supply feed for spoken line (3)
29 1D personnel being driven in car look wishfully, without fully being prepared (11)
31 1D, according to Spooner, supplies offensive drama series with gags (6)
32 Cassidy singer Dave doesn't begin retrospective (3)
33 1Dís well-groomed urbanite fiddling at some Lurex (11)
34 1Dís glamorous young socialites entertaining we nerdy ones (6)
Baggage for bag luggage? (11)
2 Old labourer waves to the audience (4)
3 Position sculptures Ė without second of hesitation (6)
4 Cyborgs born amongst peopleís origins (6)
5 Head off round about now (4)
6 Spot a toad smuggling food in the veg patch (6)
7 Roof worker climbs up and gets fired Ė again! (5)
9 Numberless plaiting plaited into plait (7)
10 Bank employees whose confidentiality canít be trusted? (7)
15 1D promotional video with facts, or a nice film for a change? (11)
18 Nocturnal irritant in royal bedroom (3)
20 Where to get a drink in November (3)
22 With Harry away, cockney steals some birds from the garden (7)
23 1D take it easy, with joker Harry getting in around ten (7)
25 One of five Chinese elements is said to be courage (6)
26 Extracting a quarter from DNA codes will make for stunted beardies (6)
27 Concoction made by head of patisserie going from Belgium to France (6)
28 1D had checked for crooks (5)
29 Ross and Norris once shared this chamber in Mr Rossís address (4)
30 More than six balls (4)


Solution to Puzzle by Maize