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Puzzle 2 by Magwitch
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Here is another excellent offering from Magwitch. There are some superb surface readings here and the puzzle is terrific fun to solve. My favourite clue is 21 Down, which is a refreshingly original approach to a word which usually gets clued the same way every time!


Stop receiving drug after work started (6)
6 Elegant flower arrangement which includes a few uncommon elements (8)
9 Sandwich to take away? (6)
10 Encourage oil company to make case for keeping chickens (8)
11 Promote Lord Chancellor as well (11)
15 I will shortly get connected to electrical unit to succeed gaslight! (3,4)
17 Check whether I will be called to be a witness (7)
18 Funding porn shops is wrong (11)
22 People are favoured when Anglican rather than Roman (8)
23 Nearly sacked diplomats who lost their heads (6)
24 Starts to sound peculiarly like complete babble (8)
25 Delay with defibrillator initially could be fatal (6)

Examination partly entails ear check (6)
2 It sticks in the throat when I get spoilt rotten (10)
3 Woman is among those who strongly dislike pets (8)
4 Flood ended before animal returned (8)
5 Try and expel engineer professionally (8)
7 Coward backs Trotsky (4)
8 You have a record for squealing (4)
12 Criticised specialist he cared about after mistreatment (10)
13 Using influence to keep secret (8)
14 Spiritually, many are empty without a way to show compassion (8)
16 After three notes, you come in audibly with a fourth, without exception (8)
19 Help soldiers willingly (6)
20 Prefers no games on the Sabbath (4)
21 Old father is over fifty stone! (4)

Solution to Puzzle 2 by Magwitch