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Magwitch is new here but she has experience with writing crosswords and it shows. She has published in One Across as well as in a local magazine, and has some puzzles online at This puzzle shows all the hallmarks of a good setter: fun, fair clues with smooth surface reading. Favourites are 2 down and especially 11 down.


Almost selected 105 gallons of wine thatís for watering down (8)
5 Dismantle a steel plant (6)
9 Becomes common for Charlie to have fabricated reasons (8)
10 Magic vehicle comes back with Scandinavian man on board (6)
12 OK to beg?  Not so (5)
13 Recently old solvers have strayed wildly (9)
14 They will protect legs against splashing of slop and gore (12)
18 Deigned to take the plunge in company with Scottish youngster (12)
21 Preferred position to dump unlimited oil (9)
23 Head of Lottery is behind backing of a weird type of art (5)
24 More than 50% of disasters come to light (6)
25 Money-making drug swindle with roundabout means of reaching an audience? (8)
26 Row among the toughest ringleaders (6)
27 Fine excuses put by a defendant in the closing stages (8)

Interrupt by shouting "Turn left cheek" (6)
2 Uncommon mark on lower half of face (6)
3 Secretary with understanding about money transfer could be perfect (4,5)
4 Girl has crush about rising economist? (5,7)
6 Avoid the Spanish bloke who has blown his top (5)
7 Regularly hold girl in nick at start of year (8)
8 Campaigner is initially trapped at the back of the hall (8)
11 Huge church abandoned by converted Roman Catholics (12)
15 Back up around Tyneside non-Tory girl has problem with breathing (9)
16 Destroys happy pills found by special constable (8)
17 A fool said sport can keep you warm (8)
19 Chinese expedition starts to cross border next to a part of Ukraine (6)
20 Permission to intermingle during games (6)
22 Periodical is hideous rag with no backing to protect it (5)

Solution to Puzzle by Magwitch