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Mad's first puzzle is an excellent thematic and I really enjoyed solving this one. There's a high standard of clueing here and I particularly liked 13 down for its originality. Enjoy!


Bank on 14,24, docked and flagging, being cut in a certain way (13)
8 Toll road privatised in 14,24 . . . (4)
9  . . . makes offer for the same lot (10)
10 Alpine transportation requires changing bibs, OK? (6)
11 Place where no-one inside is sick first (8)
12 No points for bumps to the head (5,4)
14,24 The extremes of really sad, mad, bad show (4,4)
15 So I will leave this and text you instead (4)
16 Change togs and greet whizz-kids (2-7)
20 The Iron Man endlessly flounders, becoming unlikeable character (4-4)
21 Portion of aspic Kate might nibble cautiously (4,2)
23 Mad about Riesling  no good going and changing chemical added to maintain balance (10)
24 See 14
25 You have to be twenty two to visit this practitioner (13)

Sicko races all over the place to persevere with plan (5,2)
2 Somewhat exacerbated, leaving bitter taste in the mouth (5)
3 Above all topless, floppy and cuddly (7)
4 Waltons' image non-functioning in place of 14,24 (10-2-3)
5 History teacher in Siam joins student society
6 Hide from alien wit I translated (3,2,4)
7 Di tries rehab for mugs
before being washed up (7)
13 8p body suit tailored? (6,3)
15 Deadly machine toy that’s worn out (4,3)
17 Of these, one in four was a great place for novelty rock (7)
18 Free time right around commercial  welcome back! (7)
19 Arab labourer, sound chappie (6)
22 You'd be sensible not to be like this (5)

Solution to Puzzle by Mad