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Puzzle by Lohengrin
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Iím bound to be well-disposed towards setters with Wagnerian pseudonyms, but absolutely no favouritism was needed here! Lohengrinís puzzle is beautifully clued, with some excellent ideas all executed with fairness. 31 across is brilliant.


Start to fondle naked bird and finish in the sack (4)
3 Steal clean run to get carried along? (10)
10 Put straight oar into lake (7)
11 Drop support for swimmer (7)
12 Portion of pakora – it accompanies Indian dip (5)
13 Cancelled yearly review with light adult content removed (8)
15 Title of song drove managerial reforms (4,3,8)
20 Triathlon for kids? (5,6,4)
25 Perhaps skill of Arab Director greases wheels (8)
27 Train or bus? (5)
29 English politician expands borders in race storm (7)
30 Those behind bars almost steaming drunk (7)
31 But this produces bout! (6, 4)
32 Smooth sushi ingredient from the east (4)

Cleaner employed on board? (10)
2 One fetches tree river washed up (9)
4 Man oddly tired around a slip of a lass (7)
5 IS flees African country following training for one in borders (7)
6 Wee roach, primarily? (7)
7 Run away writer leaving girl (5)
8 See Mae West every so often (4)
9 Could this lead to a drama at sea? (6)
14 Kinky red heels on German chaps (10)
16 Navy girls frequently making love (3)
17 Stick up! (3)
18 Cereal of yesteryear (3)
19 Mineral research facility in atomic plant (9)
21 The back of the back of Outer Mongolia? (7)
22 One demands precise alternative (7)
23 Broadcast grand race in classic style (7)
24 Desert rain covering part of London . . . (6)
26 . . . make tracks in The Kingís Road (5)
28 Origins of small toeís ugly bruising (4)

Solution to Puzzle by Lohengrin