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This challenging puzzle from Laccaria, a new setter, shows great originality in the clueing. For me, the outstanding clues are 20 across, 17 down, and the clue spanning three entries starting at 9 across.


Warning of lower approach? (7)
7 Please make space for singing! (7)
9,11,24 Internet advice, repeatedly told here, often wrong! (2,3,4,3,5)
10 Politician I kidnapped in Morecambe has metal, according to evidence (9)
11 See 9
13 Old gown, with both sides not joined up, worn by high-flyer (6)
15 Harry held the ring out for 16 (4,9)
19 I note traitor coming back before Spanish town (6)
20 Backroom guys get “Dead Parrots”, say, about right! (7)
23 Where to study shell enclosing vessel and hopper (9)
24 See 9
26 Bad loser takes article to city (7)
27 More than one imbecile votes against apprehending old criminal (7)

Girl in London sheds tear, sadly (4)
2 Act stupid and leave (4,2)
3 Virtual favourite appearing in even more risqué programme (4,5)
4 Ran rides carelessly, trapping dog (8)
5 Quite cold after pussy stays inside for her job, maybe (3-7)
6 Set down means of payment – provided you start! (6)
7 Show old chamber, briefly (4)
8 Ploughboy appears before the Queen (6)
12 This knocks out friend having taken drug, very delicately (10)
14 Crooked mitre? Need to fix! (9)
16 Character in Géricault work is skilled person taken to the guillotine (8)
17 Elaborate work has magic left out – up to a point (6)
18 Relief after reading footnote in book (6)
21 Supporter with two little boys (or is one of them a girl)? (6)
22 Ministry’s men on scooters? (4)
25 Place to take off is just right for new starters (4)

Solution to Puzzle by Laccaria