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This one's from Australia. Jones tells me that Australian cryptics in general have some way to go to reach the standards of fairness expected by most reputable UK  publications, but he is clearly an exception. This puzzle makes use of a wide variety of clue types, is fair while being enjoyably devious and, one hopes, is a sign of things to come down under. An excellent debut with 14 down being my favourite.


Searches held in eastern valleys (6)
4 Pick-me-up after lap dancing of a spiritual sort (8)
10 Crises one dealt with in bad times (9)
11 New articles, the second one being about an older relation (5)
12 Starting price of too many drugs gutted dealers (4)
13 Indian's trance-state linked to nitrogen, carbon and lead (10)
15 While away for a break... (4,3)
16 ...Beethoven wrote this timeless pornography (6)
19 Singers cry about Wally bursting in (6)
21 Thin material oil, maybe spread around on cheese (7)
23 Flower a pagan arranged in such a way (10)
25 Healthy alternative to fly? (4)
27 Sausage, not a ragout (5)
28 Swimmer needs warning light put up (9)
29 Story-teller has a majority, but not all, in shaking fits (8)
30 Shooter's limit set by other ranks (6)

Shelters where bears can eat meat almost finished (8)
2 South American animal turning up under broken stones some nut! (9)
3 Irish brief not properly introduced (4)
5 Bound by time of descent (7)
6 Notes correct facts on oil (5,5)
7 The occasion not to be at church (5)
8 Veil of gold buried under African republic (6)
9 Warning: Tory leader not right into scam (3-3)
14 A dog is only a pet if you train it (3,7)
17 Police team botched last move (9)
18 Big hit with farmer? (8)
20 Elite soldiers brought about capture of provincial governors (7)
21 All these may be uncoordinated (6)
22 Providing service takes precedence in the mountains (6)
24 Not prepared to be laid out by bishop (2-3)
26 Lawyer can't bear strong cheese (4)

Solution to Puzzle by Jones