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Puzzle 2 by Jammy
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Jammy's second puzzle has a nice theme running through it.  It shows all of the skill and grasp of technique he showed in his impressive debut. Favourite clue: 3 down.


What people may say before being shot (6)
4 A public place to go for MI6 workforce (6)
8 Try to match fast-running bird, now defunct (7)
9 Hoffman admits babies at first refuse receptacle (7)
11 J'accuse! author goes after formidable female and Italian 1 across (10)
12 Uncouth types manhandled sofa (4)
13 His dad almost killed him linking savings scheme to account (5)
14 Foreshadows terminal moment in angry strop (8)
16 Genghis Khan's place sees unconstrained hooliganism (not his) (8)
18 Ring pack it in, holding nothing (5)
20 Place lodge next to bend (4)
21 Feeding slot ten cents secures inner bone (10)
23 Implore bishop with processed 1 across (7)
24 Rudimentary prison houses excessive type of 1 across (7)
25 Behold start of race and send packing (3,3)
26 Remain ahead and avoid relegation (4,2)

Three characters desert tonsorial cover-up to form band (5)
2 Words of praise for hyperactive goalie holding United (7)
3 Getting brown in windy Calais is fiendish (9)
5 Northern Irish extremists undergo Dutch 1 across (5)
6/7 Half of Hamlet's question took olfactory sample  like malodorous 1 across, perhaps? (3,2,2,7,2)
10 Illness has Palin (M) writhing around in bed (9)
13 Soldier is doubtful they put people on pedestals (9)
15 French 1 across gives Spanish what for, steeped in corruption (9)
17 Spanish king ascends in half of gruesome Swiss 1 across (7)
19 Go! Don't go! Linger unduly (7)
21 Fed up about cold and initially unstimulating brew (5)
22 Naive person at university to study hard (3,2)

Solution to Puzzle 2 by Jammy