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Jammy is by his own account a novice setter, but this is a puzzle which shows plenty of flair and grasp of technique. His style is noticeably influenced by Guardian puzzles; he takes a few liberties but still plays fair. Let's hope we see more of Jammy! Favourite clues: 11 across and 15 down. 


Out of bed, exhausted but cheerful (6)
5 Revolting Bolshevik not very matey (8)
9 TV type hosts retro party with leader of opposition often accompanied by whole kit (8)
10 Odious creature catches returning condition that stinks what a pity! (3,3)
11 Fly with indecent courage? (10)
12 No more deliveries (4)
13 Parasites mysteriously seen on bartender's head? (8)
16 Monk emerges from salmon pink cast of backbone (6)
17 Meets sweetheart returning to high regard (6)
19 Nobody eats half of tasty morsel at midday (8)
21 Note to self: send back royal honour (4)
22 Research centre left a bighead with highfalutin language (10)
25 Contemptible fellow in waistcoat (6)
26 Leading light left in a line without hesitation (8)
27 Like sex used to be, in a manner of speaking (2,2,4)
28 Carelessly, constantly tactless, rearranged hosiery (6)

Political leader and peer produce modicum of wisdom (5)
3 Conjure up naked gardener hugging hollow oak (5)
4 Quiff cultivator finds debt reminders tiresome (7)
5 Swim round about and use lungs (7)
6 Retail operations not in rented premises (7)
7 Gloomy scientist recast emoticons (9)
8 Seeker of fast buck, eh? And histrionic removal man? (9)
14 Is marriage of Susan and Leslie overbearing without kids? (9)
15 Cranial depression? I beat it, by all accounts (3,6)
18 Mix bits of melon and blancmange (7)
19 They may be discerned dimly at night, hopelessly unable, on mind-altering substance (7)
20 Eight awful moaners (7)
23 Type of music emanating from duet on a love seat (5)
24 Queen going up batsman's passage broadcast again (5)

Solution to Puzzle by Jammy