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Imperator by Anax
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This is a barred puzzle in Mephisto style, though without as many deliberate obscurities. As always Anax writes flawless clues particularly good in my opinion are 10 across, 13 across, 23 across and 18 down.


A good country, one with faith in farming (12)
10 Part of stringed instrument that may sound deep (5,4)
12 Damage to shop core of political unrest here (3,4)
13 Archangel that is given role of renewal? (5)
14 Brave academic you just have to restrain (8)
15 Instrument for minstrel on call (6)
17 Locals rounded up? Lies! (4)
19 Huge Californian rock band, one surrounded by drink (7)
21 Mum's indecent haste to find party dresses (7)
23 Have you, on occasion, run after a girl? (4)
25 Met detective without having been tagged? Start of trouble (6)
26 One male seduced by the system? (8)
28 How short hairstyle suits woman (5)
29 Ship's captain first to plot a course (7)
30 Morgue'll spill one set of blood vessels (9)
31 I chatter inanely about largest part of heat regulator (12)

Saw mishap or crash (8)
2 Watercourses serving American cartographers (4)
3 Property worth artist's respect has to move in (7,5)
4 Section of parapet's nicely upturned arch (6)
5 Repeated pressure absorbed by demure queen (7)
6 Device in literature that's old news for academics? (7)
7 Derelict bunker protecting leader of mercenaries (5)
8 Anything put into spare rib or tuna fish (7,5)
9 Dutch artist alone? Not so (4)
11 Rock it feels rocky (7)
16 Part of bible associated with priest's imperfection? (7)
18 Hedgehog programmed to cross a road, which is cruel (8)
19 Put on pants, not entirely clean (7)
20 Books carried by piano players (7)
22 In Scotland, address soldiers behind prison (6)
24 Field a soccer team, first half only (5)
26 Ready to inject heroin? Excellent! (4)
27 Pieces for one should regularly have one (4)

Solution to Imperator by Anax