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1 Rob a philosopher (4)
3 One crosses river to find some land (4)
6 Fool locks copper in cell (5)
10 Test ground after some radiation displacement (7)
11 Nominal union leader is involved in tense criminal trial (7)
12 Concentrated, finding Einstein very complex? (9)
13 Jelly, say, mostly produced with one kitchen device (5)
14 Modelled in nude, representing water-spirit (6)
16 Duke has daughter that's outgoing it's a disadvantage (8)
18 Bike featured in red was green (8)
19 Decorated band of woollen cloth (6)
22 Serpent-witch depicted in plate (no name given) (5)
23 Swift horse's whinny heard by maiden (9)
25 Checks decisions involving head of state (7)
26 Unfriendly landlord's lazy without a hint of doubt (7)
27 Garments about to leave African city (5)
28 Ship from past? That's about right (4)
29 Smack is a fishing boat (4)
Czech composer is a high flier at university (7)
2 Bound to upset militant, having dismissed worker (5)
4 Football side gets the axe, I see in report (6)
5 Rent out English vessel in port (8)
6 Republican element largely opposed to authority ousted two leaders (14)
7 Lucille ate without a worry, becoming fat (9)
8 Tree maintenance (7)
9 Where one learns to do the ironing? (7,7)
15 Once, millions read new version of Boccaccio's tales (9)
17 Nonconformist church building a healing pool in Jerusalem (8)
18 Depending on artisan to turn up about one (7)
20 European alliance with West America has Homeric character (7)
21 Edible clam from Ohio raised in boggy area (6)
24 Poem telling of journey to Uruguay (5)

Solution to Crossword 24