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1 Exact lookalike of the late Quasimodo? (4,6)
6 Travel across river from Belgravia, say, to Maidenhead (4)
10 Undercooked part of dish (7)
11 Company's chief gets less productive daily (7)
12 Contrives to disconcert sneering European (9)
13 Outspoken heretic of race favoured by the Nazis (5)
14 Engage in a fight (3-2)
15 Chap's a non-starter, being in inferior health (9)
17 New codeine recipe damaged certain type of gland (9)
20 A French scoundrel's right off the hook (5)
21 Soldier turned up carrying fuel (5)
23 He's to follow story written out in seven languages (9)
25 Ultimately dedicated doctors in hospital department get farthest (7)
26 Spread rumours very quietly? (7)
27 Tie up an animal (4)
28 The old man put back price to tempt student (10)
Diana's got energy back (5)
2 Order to a brigade I revoked and rescinded (9)
3 Islander presenting Wyss's family with empty pot? (8,6)
4 Seasoning mainly left out of a foodstuff (7)
5 Forgives former partner's swearing right away (7)
7 Girl, one concealing Ecstasy, is frightened (5)
8 Members of RC sect will include fashionable Italian poet's followers (9)
9 In summary, the soldiers surrender (14)
14 Insomniac skins up on fewer occasions (9)
16 Trees from Europe with typical problem (9)
18 I am getting almost passionate about favourite Egyptian architect (7)
19 Authorise note lifting pressure on debtor (7)
22 God involved with rain (5)
24 Some of letter's extremely concise (5)

Solution to Crossword 23