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Crossword 22
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This crossword contains a large number of unusual words.


1 West African gazelle that's rather vocal (5)
4 Den of iniquity's discovered when teenage gang member is hauled back in front of wise judge (9)
9 Sound the waterway with a circular vessel (4-5)
10 Unlike airbag, a rag has neither ____ to encircle (5)
11 Obviously being drunk, I may call taxi round (13)
14 Tense fellows taking Ecstasy and grass (4)
15 Unfortunately, skinhead at heart bore race hatred (10)
18 Watering hole? (10)
19 God of love and discord (4)
21 Ordered to resit maths exam, primarily in Fermat and Pythagoras? (13)
24 Cockney Scotsman belonging to a US sect (5)
25 Soldier gets issue, we hear, of woollen fabric (9)
27 Expresses willingness to keep goal for the prison team? (9)
28 Comb-like swimming organ a number can be found in fringes of coelenterate (5)
1 Will's merchant gives brandy to a couple of soldiers perhaps (10)
2 Ring about oven from Perth (3)
3 Try your speed against mine for a bunch of flowers (6)
4 Straw-plait that's brown and durable (9)
5 Acid that causes disease in cattle, chiefly (5)
6 A cross I shall have to bear: not to be ultimately savoury of armpit (8)
7 Salts from Iceland love greenish-blue fish (11)
8 John captures black wolf (4)
12 At last detain Fagin, crafty robber, and you have the right to fine him (11)
13 Writer is wise to miss European varnishing-day (10)
16 Shows more ingenuity and stings more than one's competitors? (9)
17 Lovesick shepherd disturbed hornets, bringing in the last of sheep (8)
20 13 letters written by one Conservative? That shows some sort of energy (6)
22 Broad connecting ridge that occupies some geographers (5)
23 Moor was ruined by him blowing away half the capital (4)
26 Thyme's regularly found in area of pasture (3)

Solution to Crossword 22